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Based out of St.Paul, Minnesota, award-winning composer and sound designer Dameun Strange creates soundscapes that explore the outer limits of music and creativity, fusing them into a style and sound uniquely his own. A native of Washington, DC he was heavily influenced by his early study of Classical, Jazz, Electronic, and West African genres, and has since delved into Gospel, Neo-Soul, Acid-Jazz, Ska, and Hip-Hop, creating innovative and integrative arrangements rich in magnetic sound. A celebrated keyboardist and saxophone soloist, Dameun continues to push the boundaries of genre, using his compositions to move us toward a more inclusive and unified society. 

Continuing his tradition of exploring humanity's relationship to technology and progress Dameun collaborated with choreographer Erinn Liebhard on their 5-part multi-discplinary piece 'Railing Forward: The John Henry Suite', which premiered at the 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival. He is also a founding member of the Strange New Music Experiment, founded in 2010,  which promotes the exploration and development new and modern classical music art. In 2015 Dameun was awarded the American Composers Forum Minnesota Emerging Composer Award and premiered his Black Lives Matter inspired cantata 'Resonant Frequencies: Love and Revolution'. His latest work includes 'Mother King', an opera based on the life of Alberta Williams King, mother of the Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., and writing for and performing with Strange Perspective and Moors Blackmon.

To learn more about Dameun's work as an activist/organizer, click here

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Projects and Collaborations:

Strange New Music Experiment: Founded in 2010, the Strange New Music Ensemble is dedicated to the performance, promotion, and preservation of new and contemporary art music. An experiment with sound, they endeavor to build community through the performance of art, avant garde music, and poetry, sharing narratives that inspire revolutionary creativity. 

KBDSBased on 10 years of informal collaboration, KBDS consists of experimental duo Kahlil Brewington and Dameun Strange, and marks their first official collaborative venture. Heavily influenced by composers ranging from J.S. Bach to Yusef Lateef and Bobby McFerrin, KBDS guides their listeners through an audio excursion of ambient sound, a web of digital percussion, drums, guitar, synthesizers, saxophone, and live electronic sampling.

Moors BlackmonDrawing from artists such as Herbie Hancock, Parliament Funkadelic, Sun Ra, and Jimi Hendrix, Moors Blackmon creates music that can best be described as 'psychadel-ectric'. With Dameun Strange on voice and key tar, Kahlil Brewington on drums, and Antoine Martinneau on bass, their music is an intergalactic exploration, traveling through time and space to investigate the infinite possibilities of form, style, and sonic reverberation.

Strange PerspectiveAccomplished musicians in their own right, artists See More Perspective and Dameun Strange join forces to create 'Strange Perspective', an amalgamation of their many eclectic interests.  Their first collaborative project, 'Strange Perspective and the Lost Soul's Boy's Choir in Jazz Funeral', is an eerie yet lighthearted Halloween suite, taking inspiration from the New Orleans Jazz Funeral tradition and mingling it with the electricity and color of a Dia de los Muertos celebration. Their second effort is a sci-fi opus of boom bap electronica, rugged dance music, mango sweet melodies, and sharp, gritty philosophical lyricism.

OperaWorks 52The mission of OperaWorks 52 is to bring opera back to the people, highlighting new narratives and creating space for new interpretations of intention behind its Latin root 'work'. Pushing beyond the former confines of the genre, OperaWorks 52 advocates for a more inclusive exploration of its form and style allowing stories of people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, and the mythologies and legends of non-European cultures to take center stage. Their work challenges the status quo of Euro-centric exclusivity and makes way for boundless possibility.