As an activist and community organizer, Dameun Strange envisions a world where creative institutions and people are valued as equal partners in designing strong, equitable communities. Through an integrated engagement with the arts, he aims to highlight threads of intersectionality and move communities toward wellness, finding commonalities and building bridges that bring people together. 

Dameun recently served as Executive Director of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association, a Minnesota based non-profit arts organization that connects individuals, businesses, and artists, and strives to promote social and economic growth for its vibrant community of diverse creators. 

A Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellow, Dameun has also been a member of the Bush Foundation’s Community Innovation Team. He has worked locally for such organizations as Macalester College, ACORN, MN UNITED for All Families, Grassroots Solutions, Neighborhood Organizing, and has served on the board of the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, Compas, Headwaters Foundation for Justice, and Walker|West. 


Upcoming dates


Saturdays, November 3, 10, & 17 at 8 PM
Join us at 7 PM before the performances for a meal with the artists at no extra cost.

Tickets: Buy tickets online or call 612-825-0459.
Pay-What-You-Want. Pick your own price for every performance, every night.
(Regular price is $15. Anything above $15 is considered a donation.)


Volume One – November 3rd

Taja Lindley
Julian Jahneral Hines
Taylor Seaberg – Seaberg band
Queen Drea
DJ Chamun

Volume Two – November 10th

Jasmine Hearn
Alissa Paris Gilbert
Dameun Strange
Blackout Improv
Kristoff Krane
DJ Chamun

Volume Three – November 17th

Zainab Musa
Ashley Selmer
Lady Xok
Nezzie Garcia
Dua Saleh
DJ Chamun

Thurston Moore at 60

“Rock & roll to me is everything. … I see it as a way of life, as a sort of an intellectual liberalism of being in the world.” —Thurston Moore

He cofounded Sonic Youth, altering the course of rock-and-roll by transforming punk, drone, electronic, free jazz, and art rock into thought experiments and spiritual epiphanies. During this celebration, exclusive to the Walker, Thurston Moore curates two distinct evenings of music reflecting his expansive past and current influences. In collaboration with Nels Cline, Anne Waldman, Eva Prinz, Daniel Carter, Ambrose Bye, Devin Waldman, Brian Gibson, crys cole, Steve Shelley, Deb Googe, and James Sedwards, Moore revives art-rock mash-ups and reveals rock-and-roll as inner bliss.

Moore and all of the national collaborators will perform in various configurations at the Walker’s McGuire Theater on both Friday and Saturday.

Local poets/artists are also part of the weekend performances: Dameun Strange and Danez Smith on Friday and Sun Yung Shin on Saturday.

Purchase tickets to both performances and receive a $10 discount.

To request an accessibility accommodation for a Walker program, please e-mail or call 612-375-7564 at least 2 weeks in advance. Please see the Walker’s Accessibility page for more information.

News & updates 

Ananya Dance Theatre is known for the social justice aspect of its performances, but in “Shaatranga: Women Weaving Worlds,” at the O’Shaughnessy last weekend, the troupe pushed its message further than ever.

Choreographer Ananya Chatterjea uses two primary metaphors to explore relationships among global south communities linked by Indian Ocean trade routes that pre-existed colonization and slavery: Indigo, an important export/import on these trade routes across Asia and Africa, and blue jeans, whose ubiquitous presence in global commerce falls differently on our skin, mediated through histories of denim and indigo.

"As part of our 40th anniversary season, we welcome brave artists, activists, and audiences to face the most pressing issues of our day, to pose tough questions, and to uncover strategies for solutions," says Bellamy. "We're celebrating a new era for our company and our community-it is an exciting time!"

Dameun Strange is a musician, composer, songwriter, non-profit leader, dapper man, and all-around cool person well known to many of us in the Twin Cities community, and I was happy he was willing to spend some of his time with me talking about the cosmos, his youth in Washington, D.C., songwriting, and other starry conversational offshoots.